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 Pavel Shuvaev: «I'm not fickle. I'm free»  Magazine «TV-Screen» (Ukraine)  March 2, 2011  Magazine «TV-Screen» (Ukraine)  

«Telenedelya» (NewYork)

January 3-9, 2011

Olga Yaresko

Mikhail Mullin

  Pavel Shuvaev: «The dream of making it big in film is my most fervent desire»

 Site «Kino-teatr»

 October 18, 2010

Evgeniy Kudryats

 Mikhail Mullin

Pavel Shuvaev. The real major Maysky

«Tasty truth» №102 (New-York)

October, 2009

Julia Rideler

Mikhail Mullin

Pavel Shuvaev in the TV program  «Good morning» on channel 1 (Moscow)

The TV program  «Good morning» on channel 1 (moscow)

July 14, 2009

Boris Shcherbakov

Marina Shchogolev

Pavel Shuvaev: «I'm not Maysky and I'm not going to hold on to this character forever»

Newspaper «Horizon»

March, 18, 2009

Evgeny Kudriats

Daria Shomakhova

 OddisS: «It is necessary to struggle not in the sleep»

 Magazine «Rockcor»

 №8 (December 2008)


 Nadejda Jocherga

 Pavel Shuvaev in the TV program  «Rock-sight» on «Radio of Russia»

 The program  «Rock-sight» on «Radio of Russia»

 May, 19, 2008

 Dmitry Dobrynin

 Daria Shomakhova

Pаvel Shuvaev: «I am interested in all sorts of  roles». «Major Masky» - on the other side of the screen

Newspaper  «New meridian» (New-York)

May 2008 (№770)

Elena Olcheva

Marina Shchogolev


Pavel - stuntman, actor, sword fighter, and major of GRU in serial «SLED»

  Magazine «OTV»

 №29     (14-20 July 2008)


 Natalia Kozelsky

  Nadejda Kocherga

Pavel Shuvaev answers question of members of the forum

 Forum OddisS

 January 2008

Elena Olcheva

Marina Shchogolev

Pavel Shuvaev: «I live like Papuas!»

Magazine «7 Days»

№ 05          (28 January - 3 February 2008)

Lisa Golden

Marina Shchogolev

Pavel Shuvaev: «For me, music is more important than women» (Macho from the movie «Sled» talks frankly about himself and about his relationships with women)

Newspaper «Life»

October 2007

Elena Malova

Marina Shchogolev

 Article in magazine «Dark city»

 Magazine «Dark city»


 Jana Horoshina

Marina Shchogolev