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Pavel Shuvaev: «I live like papuas!»


When I received the role of Maysky in the television series «Sled», I was surprised that I wasn't forced to cut my hair. - remembers the most long-haired major on Russian TV actor Pavel Shuvaev - I was mentally ready for that. But they told me: «Don't! You're not any policemen, you're major of the GRU, who often works undercover. In one of the episodes, you'll be implemented in to the bikers gang, and into the sect in another.»


This is like that role was written especially for him. Not only on the screen, but in the real life the actor had to «Implement» him self in many different areas. After high school he studied in the law school, then almost became a physical education teacher, and eventually received a degree in economics . And this is not all! The security guard , bodyguard, driver, electrician, model, actor, stuntman, video engineer - this is only few of his jobs. Last year Pavel turned thirty. All year he did what was most dear for his soul and heart - spending days and nights on the set of the series «Sled», he used every chance he'd get to rehearse with his rock band «OddisS». Pavel created this band 9 years ago. On the filming set, where every minute counts, actors life experience came very handy. For example, Pavel who worked as a stunt man in the «Night Watch» and several other films, the scenes of fights and arrest of the criminals was making on his own. While working on the corpse characters, makeup artists often turned to Pasha for advice. Because they've heard that he used to work as a orderly in the morgue during his student years. But when the actor himself needed to clarify some details for his role, he would turn for advise to his younger brother Vladimir . Bob, as Pavel calls him , graduated from the Police Academy and worked for 6 years in the police .


As soon as first filming marathon has ended, the first thing Pavel did was returning to his former physical shape . Because of the tight shooting schedule, Shuvaev had no chance to go to the gym for six month. The love for sports, Pavel got from his father, Victor Yakovlevich - Honored Master of Sports in gymnastics . However, the school years Pasha was not particularly athletic. He used wear his hair long and preferred to play on the guitar, but after graduation Pavel pleased his father by engaging seriously in power triathlon . Took part in the bodybuilders competitions. Victor Yakovlevich was even more happy when his son took his advice and went to the law school. «Only, one thing son, do not quite sport» - often repeated Pavels father. And Pavel did not! After the while he decided to transfer to the Institute of Physical Education. But Pavel did not stay there for long. Realizing that the prospect of becoming a certified teacher of Phys Ed was not his dream. Shuvaev shifted to economics department of the Moscow Technological University. His interest in the sport has gradually subsided. However, the pump up muscles were very useful to the young man. In a couple of years very attractive Shuvaev became one of the highest paid male model in Moscow. At the same time he studied drama at the studio of the Alena Rozhenko. For several years Pavel was the leading actor in her theater «New Adam». The «House of Fools», directed by Andrey Konchalovsky, was actors first appearance in the big movie. Once he heard about castings of an actors for knight shows. Shuvaev got the role of Slavic warrior. Illuminating half dances - half battles of the brutal young men in the armor created excitement in women and envy in men. They were willingly invited to various events, such as film festivals or on tours abroad . The salaries from the shows the «warriors» spend partying. The family of the Pavel did not approve of his new bohemian lifestyle.


For a few years Pavel didn't communicate with his father. «Dad was not able to accept the fact that I gave up sports. We have not talked for a long time. Reconciliation was only after I in an accident . I was riding in a taxi. I was going to my friends house to celebrate the New Year . car flew into the opposite lane and hit in a pole on the side where I sat. Four pelvic fractures , two spine fracture . At age 23, I almost died . Even could not sit , I were just lying there. I asked my father to bring me sport equipment. Started slowly to work out. With the God's help, somehow managed to climb out...» In the four walls Pavel was once again drawn to the guitar , he began to write songs . As soon as he was able to stand on his feet, he gathered together the band and started to rehearse. Finally recovered from a serious accident , Shuvaev returned to the stage - in the Moscow theater of emotional drama. Participated in shootings of commercials. Earnings were irregular . «Sometimes my daily diet consisted of two cans of sprats , onions and a pint of black bread - recalls an actor. - If I could find any side job, I did not refuse. Did renovations in kindergartens, hooked up surveillance cameras Sheremetyevo -2. Stable earnings came only last a couple of years. In the TV program «Moscow - Users manual» I played everybody - from gigolos to maniacs. Played in one episode of the series «The Lower». And, of course, TV project «To understand, to forgive» by the company «TeleROMAN», was a good support. And in the summer they also started the «Sled», where invited me. It would be a sin to complain!»


In one of the episodes, of the TV series «Sled», major Maysky said to his boss, Colonel Rogozina : «What personal life with so many crimes ?» Shuvaev could say the same thing about his personal life. «Women need time , which, at the moment, have very little. Especially since I always get a vamp women for the girlfriend. If you get in to their net, you are the goner! - - laughs Pavel. - But seriously, I've noticed that over the years I had become more responsible. Sometimes I meet a marvelous girl. Something inside of me lights up ... But I know myself: I'll play for a while and that's it! God forbid , I'll break her heart. It is better to stop. For now I live like a Polynesian Papuas: I do not regret what was yesterday, and I do not think about tomorrow!»

Lisa Golden

Magazine «7 Days» № 05

( 28 January - 3 February 2008 )