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Pavel Shuvaev answers question of members of the forum

- Hello, Pavel! Thank you for your attention to our issues. I would like to start with words of sympathy for the loss of your dear friend, Oleg Turtygin, it's always very difficult to lose the loved one. We would like to wish you patience and courage. Thank you for finding strength and a time to answer our questions in such difficult time for you.

  - I would like to express sincere gratitude from me and from all members of the band «OddisS» to all of you for condolences and support during this difficult time for us. Now, to the questions:


  - Of course, I took my time with the answers, but the shooting schedule before the holidays was even more dense than usual. And the concert of the «OddisS» took a lot of preparation. Only on January 2nd, I was able to get to the internet! I read your questions, I thought about them ... and now it is January 6th.

  - Your character flew in to the movie on a motorcycle and immediately attracted attention of the viewers. The producer of the movie «SLED», Alexander Levin, in his interview with the "Ekho Moskvy" said that a prototype of the Major Maysky was the real officer of the GRU. Did you have a chance to communicate with him?

  - This is true, now he is a veteran, married, cuts his hair short and has no beard and mustache. He's not as high as Maysky, 1.80 - max. OMON in our movie are played by his guys. And, sometimes, he himself, runs, wearing a mask, beside Maysky! We have very warm relationship. When we were celebrating the New Year, he brought amazingly delicious pickles, that was send from the village in ingushetia, to the table.

   - Where you in the army? And if yes, in what kind of troops?

  - I wasn't in the regular army. As 11-year-old boy, I severely damaged my spine. Nevertheless, I took some part in the army and the security forces, but it is a long story...

I used to serve in the SSF (meaning «Alfa-Aegis»), for 3 years, by contract. I have the appropriate entry in the workbook and relevant experience.

  - Your character Maysky kills a dangerous criminal and really nasty villain Volkova (organist) in the episode called «organist», he did it without a trial. In your opinion¸ is such a behavior permissible? How justified is a vigilantism?

  - Much can be said about humanism and human rights, but how it can be compared with that organist was doing with children? The murderers of my friend, the guitarist in our group (Oleg Turtygin - «Owl») as well, they were celebrating the New Year , receiving gifts , eating salads ... they, probably, still drinking happy that their troubles are in the past. Volkov killed children. Our kids, Moscow kids ... (city is not important, actually!)

The Bitsevsky maniac, bitch, - now he is a star! He is on every channel now! We have a moratorium on the death penalty. On his nasty face written - «I shall live!» - He knows it. Even his memoirs, based on a criminal case, will release!

.... Someone has to take matter in their own hands and become a Nurse of the forest. Sometimes someone becomes a weapon in the hands of God. I now that those who lost someone dear to them will understand me...

No matter how cruel it sounds, - (no sense to answer this question, if you are not going to be frank!) - I am, Pavel Shuvaev, would have done the same thing as Maysky did. I would not hesitate.

  - On the Channel 1 forum, members repeatedly accused Major Maysky of abuse his authority, excessive pressure on the suspects and the violation of Code of Criminal Procedure ( Criminal Procedure Code). Do you agree with these accusations? What do you think, should the members of FES follow the established or they may act on other rules, in order to solve the crime?

- Well, such a questions you have, my dears!

Parents of all of our characters - Script writers!

We, the actors, only nurture and develop them. We are lucky enough to be able to add a lot from ourselves. My character, for example, as no one else provides opportunities for creative development. And look at our Kruglov! Originally conceived as a blunt Inspector Lestrade (from the film about «Sherlock Holmes» ), through the efforts, Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Tashlykova, it has become a tremendously lively, intelligent, courageous and experienced Nikolai Petrovich Kruglov, which has not yet became a lieutenant colonel only because of his principles. Justice for him is always in the first place! He - not a slave to the law of man, but knows it very well. All members of FES love and respect Kruglov.

  - What is more important for major Maysky the law or justice? Unfortunately, this is not always the same.

  - Again ... For Maysky, like for his older friend and mentor, - Kruglov, as for Rogozina, as perhaps for any normal person - is more important a higher justice. TRUTH.

It is unlikely that the positive (from the camp of the good guys) movie character Maysky, Major Spetsnaz GRU would deal with all this boring criminal procedural paperwork. He must act. Suppose that, at times, he is using the law in their own, free-style interpretation, but - is effective and efficient so he must be!

... Actually, the roots of this behavior built into the very image of this character. And Maysky- as I imagine him - often, he tells me how to behave in a particular situation...

(... Well, Pavel Viktorovich, a split personality is not far away...)

We are the actors and directors of «SLED», doing everything in our power to approximate behavior and actions of our characters to the real ones. To the best of our ability, of course. We are arguing with the screenwriters, cursing sometimes. We are not always able to win the argument, it's not our fault. It isn't up to us what is going on the air.

  - The conduct of Maysky during the cores of the serial has changed. He became calmer, more thoughtful, and more careful with the findings. He learned to control his temper. What caused all those changes in him?

  - You noticed...?

I would say that: -

The reasons are -

- Development of the image by the actor. Screenwriters. Better understanding of the specifics of the investigation job by those who involved in the filming process. Team spirit of the cast members. Also, it could be that Kruglov gave him some tips or he got scolded by Rogozina, and etc. Perhaps, Maysky got tired of yelling, taking care of his voice?

... Yes, I agree, Maysky is not the same ... But, the question "Is it good or bad", would be better answered by you, our viewers.

But he still growls, sometimes, when it's needed.

  - Initially, Major Maysky was brought to the audience as a macho. Why is it no romantic scenes with him, so far? Women audience is waiting.

  - E-e-e-h-h...

By the time Shuvaev was able to get to you questions, he got tired of the constant romantic scenes ... Each time they are making me strip!

For the six months Maysky was a virgin, and here you go - love scenes would not stop! In every episode he has a new girlfriend!

But again, this question should be answered by the screenwriters. I'm, personally, do not know and of them (screenwriters, I mean).

I envy Maysky (in the good way), somehow he still finds time for girls!

  - Olga Koposova in an interview with Echo Moskvy said that on the set was a lot of improvisation and funny scenes. Did you participate in such?

  - As I already told you - Constantly! I did, I am and I will. This is how I feel. I wouldn't be able to recall something specific now, but biggest part of my work is improvisations, but, of course, within the limits of the screenwrite.

  - «When I could not drag a strap, I would compose songs for you, in the morning fog.» Major Maysky- charmed viewers by his knowledge of Latin and his own translations of the poems by Ovidy! What school did he attend, and where he was able to master his Latin? Whose idea was that to change his behavior so much?

  - Maysky studied, probably, in the Tzar's Lyceum together with A.S. Pushkin. Or, he also could study Latin in the medical school.

I wasn't given those kinds of facts about him, it wasn't necessary for development of the character. I can only guess. Although for me, personally, such ability of Maysky became a revelation - I took it into the consideration in my work.

I am, Pavel Shuvaev, first learned about this particular poem by Ovidy, right before shooting. When I was reading my text. I wasn't taught Latin.

Before the conversation would go like this:

- Tell me, Pavel, - do you know who Ovidy is?

- Well, Ovidy, he is .... An ancient poet... Yes, I've heard...

- Pavel, but let me ask you, do you know what he wrote about?

- I think ... Uh -uh ... different blur ... probably, something about the sea , love and wine. What else is there in Greece?

... But now, I can say:

-Yes, of course I know him, He was a great poet! For example this one: "When I could ... "etc.

No I proudly quote this to my friends and girlfriends.

  - Galina Nikolaevna and Maysky knew each other before FES was created. How did they know each other?

  - Well, there wasn't anything romantic between them. And could never be! (If that what you were asking.) Rogozina - it is the ideal woman, teacher, beloved chief. I think he used to study under her, but then got involved with bad company, started to drink too much, and was expelled for academic failure. Had no choice but to go to the army. Was constantly in the line of fire. Due to his achievements became a member of a GRU, where his talents were in demand in all sorts of special operations. He proved himself, so to speak! And, then, she pulled him out and brought into FES.

  - Why May the former major of the GRU? How long and why he left the service?

  - Superannuation. He is a Veteran. There, where he was, one day counts as a three. If you'll read what «Inspector» wrote, on the forum of «SLED», you'll understand. The guy, obviously, knows what he is talking about. He looks like a real professional. Special Thanks to him! He covered my back...

  - Some viewers saying that is based on the series: «CSI Crime Scene Investigation», have seen it? And how do you feel about such comparisons?

  - I watched it a couple of times, for about three minutes. It seemed boring to me. Probably it needed more attention than I was ready to give it. Ii did not understand anything, but I felt that quality of filming was great. They have whole month to shoot one episode, while we have only three days to do so. The difference is clear.

By the way, I didn't have chance to watch much of «SLED» as well. Couple episodes, at most. It was while we were shooting in someone apartments. Hosts were watching our movie at a time. When I come home, I'm fast to sleep, and don't have chance to watch TV.

  - From time to time, Maysky quotes popular Soviet movies. . It is written in the script or your personal addendum to the image?

  - Well, if from time to time, than it is my personal.

  - What you, Pavel Shuvaev, and Major Maysky, have in common and what are the main differences?

  - a) In common we have - hair, beard, nose shape. We are similar in appearance and it is already a lot! There was no intention to distance from my usual appearance. Otherwise, I would be trimmed and shaved.

Some say that Shuvaev plays himself in the movie, but this is not true! Maysky and Shuvaev are different people. For example, I'm generally come person, but he constantly explodes. In my opinion he is too sentimental with criminals. Isn't it tiresome? Kruglov and Rogozina - tougher! But Maysky, the way I see it, has more creative approach, with a twist .

If actors would not anything from them self, than scene would become boring and endless series of interviews behind the glass. It would make to fall asleep even the most enthusiastic audience. When we are preparing the scene with the directors, we discuss what else Maysky can do to make it more interesting. Since Maysky took upon him self the role of a Jester, I'm trying to keep it up!

I develop together with my character. I teach Maysky , while he teaches me somethings as well. But, we are different, me and Maysky. I am more inert in some situations, calmer, while Maysky be more nervous and more enthusiastic in those situations. Maysky- the hero, and I'm an actor. But, me and Maysky, both are very lively, with a twinkle .

b) I am not of the GRU. I do not posses skills of the one and do not have combat (tactical) experience. Me and Maysky, we more alike than different.

  - Sometimes Maysky yells at the suspects, he even slightly strangled the stylist, dragged him to the interrogation room by his tie, sits on the table. Does everything in his power to ignite passionate debates on the forum of the Channel I. But, probably, there are some things that he WOULD NEVER DO. I think, he would never betray his friends , or leave in trouble, those who are asking for help. What do you think?

  I am totally agree with you! But, since I watched only a couple episodes - I can not answer exactly why , in a particular situation , Maysky sat on the desk or yelled at someone. Tie - yes , I remember! - seemed like a cool idea.

That stylist was a gigolo. Didn't he take money from women? Yes, he did. He was nasty. But he was played by the good actor. Also, I was given an instructions, by director Natalya Nesterova, to play this scene as it was Gleb Zhiglov. I did not agree, but it was no point to argue.

I've heard that you, the viewers, liked it . Thank you.

I unable to tell you about every scene that we shot, because we shoot non stop and in my mind everything merged together.

Although, I have to admit, I refused to play a number of scenes due to deological or religious reasons. I'm not the only one who argues with directors. Usually we change them (scenes, not directors) on the spot. I did not hear complains yet.

  - I one of the episodes (where Kruglov was delivered fingers, that was cut off) FES staff was able to feel what is it like to not be able to help someone in trouble. Is Major Maysky afraid to be helpless? And, what can make Maysky to break down?

  a) About helplessness : - there is no point to be afraid in advance.

AII notes of the maniac were addressed to Kruglov. Maysky was the one who were finding them, and he was worried about his friend.

- b) I think that anything that could break Maysky, during this period of his life, has already happened. But he did not break, although it was tough. It only made him stronger. Now it only can test his strength. I think it would be true for everyone. There is no way to predict what else can happen in life. Life can be cruel. And the writers too.....

  - In the episode «And the other relatives», Maysky was driving the motorcycle in the dark (!) sunglasses, how he was able to do that. Or, it was special sunglasses, from his previous job, in GRU?

  - It was very cold, wet snow, movie lights were blinding me and glaring on the wet road . And around - NIGHT. I couldn't see anything farther than three meters. I had to drive fast. And, we had to shoot fast too. We were behind the schedule. The motorcycle was delivered very late. Normally, it would be a suicide to driving the motorcycle in such a weather.

From a distance of two meters - a powerful light device, was shining right in ti my face, simulating high beam light from ongoing traffic. Without sunglasses it would be impossible to do. And the Terminator has nothing to do with it - he has a videoskaner instead of eyes - , he can not be blinded.

It was easy. The road was slippery, icy puddles, and also, tires on the bike was - bold. Because all of that, I fell hard, twice. I would break hands oh those, who made such a film equipment!

It wasn't easy, at all! Twice I fell, hard - the road is very slippery, big icy puddles didn't help either . Tires on the bike were bold. I would brake hands of those who brought such a Film Technology to the set! Thank God, the stuntmen skills came to the rescue - and still do.

Directors and camera men always looking for better, more interesting, scenes .... and, as usual, there no time to prepare stunt , the way it has to be prepared. Without sunglasses it would have been even harder ..... I would have to move my eyes from side to side constantly ....

P.S. The best scenes of the race was cut out during editing, as usual...

 - In one of the articles. It was written that in the episode «Shooting on the hunt» You have spend too much time in the cold water and caught a severe cold. It was the only health problem during the filming ?

- No, not the only one. Prior to the «Shooting....», I was already sick. There was no time to get well. Swimming in the cold water - only made it worse. The aqua suit didn't help, but perhaps, without it I would feel worse. The idea of the director that Maysky got sick in the swamp - it was just a way out . Otherwise, they would not be able to shoot me in the next few days. I was surprised when I heard reproaches that sickness of the Maysky did not look natural/ I had a fever of 38 and 5, watery eyes, barely was able to stand on my feet, but still had to play. And they say - an unnatural ...

There is a big difference - play sick person or play while you are sick. Here.....

  - In the «SLED» , viewers can see every day illuminating team of members that work together well. Can the same be said about the relationship of actors and crew members of the group ?

  - About the cast members, I'd say - Definitely!

The relationship between actors - YES!

The relationship between actors and the crew - unfortunately, not always so.

  - In the episode «Ashes» Maysky was unable to prevent the suspect (Zhitnikov) from committing suicide. When he came to Rogozina he was extremely depressed. Some audience members said that in this episode he reminded them of the image of Christ, from the painting «Christ in the Desert» by the Kramskiy. Do you like to play such a strong emotions?

  - I am glad that we have such a erudite viewers! I, myself, have not seen that painting. Even the episode - I haven't seen, neither in the editing or the screen. Therefore, can not even imaging how I look there. Honestly.

I am shocked by that comparison.

Strong emotions - this is a LIFE! People who are satisfied with a little, should not be an actors. At least where emotions are concern. Emotions - a lot of pain. And joy! And Love.

Strong emotions, is the depth of the character. In the TV series so infrequently we can reveal that.

  - From time to time we are, the viewers, can open for ourselves some secretes from the past of main characters. In the episode «The time bomb», girl-killer by the name Priemyhov, asked Maysky about his father, mother , revenge , forgiveness ... Those questions touched Maysky deeply. Could you, please, reveal to us at least some of the secrets of the Maysky?

  - With a pleasure !

... In fact, Maysky - the perfect soldier, reared in vitro, son of Rogozina, and Kruglov, but they are not aware of that. And no one knows. In the due time, they gave their «samples». Nobody gave them any explanations, except «You are must !» - so they did. Mistakes of the youth ...

Only Tikhonov, - who is also their grandson of - had a chance to compare their DNA, and found dreadful secret of FES. And the service itself, FES was established back in Stalin's time, for ...

... Here's my computer failed to respond, seven times in the row! Looks like Tikhonovs interferes ...

P.S. Probably, that girl reminded us, Maysky and me, of something ... Could be of our mistakes in communicating with parents? Yes, you never know what can be said when emotions are flying. Specially by the young people.

Therefore, probably half of the text there I added on my own. Later, it was included during the editing of the episode ... ... as usual.


  - When and where we can expect next concert of the «OddisS» in Moscow?

  - As you probably already know - there was a concert on December 27, in the club «PLANE B».

I'm afraid to make plans about next concert. There no specific offers, and soon I'll have to return to shooting.

During the holidays we began to work on the new songs.

 - Why, in your song «Enola G», the name of the jet shortened? After all, Paul Tibbets named it after his mother Enola Gay Tibbets, «Enola Gay». Is it to not to offend ears by the word «gay»?

  - Including that, yes. Also, it reminded me of «Hey! Slavs!».....

But you guessed what it was about - then everything is fine ...

 - On the official site of the band «OddisS», on the page «about band» was written that:  «from November to May 2006, we are more or less constantly, giving concerts at Moscow rock clubs and a number of other distinguished institutions. Writing new songs and preparing to record our second album with the working title «Mystery». »

Now it is getting out by the name «Young Gods» (Molodye Bogi), and, in fact, it would be your first official album?

- Not exactly. Album «Young Gods» is not getting out yet. Connections with the label had Sova. Now, after his death, we are trying to establish those connections by our selves. For now - nothing. And there no other proposals, from ORT for example .

Initially, the first recorded album of the «OddisS» called «POISON». Then we rewrote it again in a good studio , enriching the arrangements and added four more songs . I sang all the songs in the better, richer way. I decided to rename the album into «Young Gods», because in my opinion, that name more matches the spirit of the songs and sends a more positive message to our team.

And that what we are trying to release for the past six month.

«Young Gods» - a brief history of of our band for the past eight years.

It is unlikely that album «Mystery» will ever come out. It all was connected to Sova. The second album, God willing, will be «The STAR».

Although, there is no point to make plans now.

For now, we have difficulties with release of the «... the gods».

And there a lot of new things I should add to the «History of the band» ...

 - The new album will include 11 tracks of the demo version or something new? When, approximately we can expect the disk to come out?

- Demo version? On the official site of our band you can listen to the album.

 - Real Music classified your music as heavy metal and Hard rock. Some listeners, at first, can hear hint of Gothic influence (the predominance of black, silver jewelry, leather clothing , dark symbols, black armbands, etc.). But we clearly can hear Slavic motifs in the songs. How would you describe your music?

- RealMusic? What is that - site or label?

Perhaps, it is a metal, after all? But, I wouldn't call it the Russian rock.

Honestly , I am not strong in styles. Let the audience judge.

Maybe we have metal, after all ? On t , like , it does not. I write what I write. And I couldn't create effective union with many of the good musicians, they wanted to do «style». One or another . Nobody convinced me yet, but they could be right.....

.... I feel the way song will sound, with arrangements and everything, already when I write text or harmony / melody - on the guitar at home. So, what is the point of arguing with me? Do not like it? Gather some people, destroy their brain and your own, create a band play whatever you want!

The way I see it, «OddisS» has a it's own unique style. You can call it «Russian epic metal» or whatever you what. It's not going to change he sound and meaning of the songs, or is it?

- In many songs we can trace a theme of pain and suffering, which we must pass through. «Night retreat , day - to come, when the voice of perpetual war dies down ...» - when finally it's going to happen?

- A ) What is the pain and suffering ? In my opinion - this milestone of life. So is a joy , happiness ... But it's not objective ! This is not a final result! That what 's important

Rhetorical question ... I guess it will happen when EVERYONE would do something for it. When the good will conquer evil. But, this is a fairytale. I am not the Messiah, and not a prophet, I am a musician and hear what God is , I think , telling me. I think that songs of the «OddisS» is decrypt of what I hear from God.

I do not know.

 - How would you describe the musical style of your band?

 - I wouldn't define it. I like the definition of «epic Russian metal . But, on the other hand, many say that we are far from metal.


But , to be perfectly honest with you, any professional music critic will tell you that it is hard to determine style of the band judging by the one album, especially - the first one. I would simply say - "a relatively heavy music with a human face».

... «I think so !»

- Do you speak any foreign languages, and if so, whether there had been experience , or attempts to write songs in languages other than Russian ( English, for example) ?

 - My English is very weak. Other languages - even worse. Russian, however, know a little bit better , but also not perfectly. Ha-ha .

There were ideas of translation (My pronunciation used to be quiet good) , the translators were selected upscale , but ... Everything ended before it started . Why?

It is not enough to yell like a monkey pronouncing words clearly. It should be clear what you singing about and why ... and for whom , by the way, too.

I have to be able to feel songs in English.

For example , «Castle»:

«Broken wall's of the castle ...?»

Something like that, yes ? I am not sure that translation is correct, but it's singable! And also, we have to stay with in the limits of our music.

We are Russian ...

And so are you.

- What kind of audience you're trying to reach with your music and do you believe that they are able to understand and grasp the deep meaning that you invest in your songs?

- We are orientated to all those who heart is hot, thoughts are pure and devoted to our Land and Faith. For those for whom the Russian language - Native.

According to the logic.

Also, in fact, this is not us who are targeting the audience, but our songs are focused. If you want to get to the bottom of the matter. We sing in Russian and proud of it.

And if you just dig too deeply, then - for all the good people we sing.

We sing and sing. And most importantly - we like what we sing.

People do feel it. Certainly they feel it! Those who do not know the language, still can get something out of it. The mood may be, or energy.

I'm sorry, but the answer corresponds to the question.

Meaning? Is it important? Emotion, feelings, sensations - that's what an artist should try to achieve by his creations. The artist draws what he's feeling. Poet and composer - record them. One - lyrics - the other notes. Evaluate the beauty of rhyme or refinement of musical harmony? You can! It would be pleasurable to the author, but...

All of this - only the parts of the transmitted sensations.

All of this - only the terms transmitted sensations. If we take an artist , he has his paints, canvas, brushes ... And as the result -painting hanging on the wall ...

When you leave the studio , a museum , movie theater, a concert - and where the picture, movie, song left? In the frame on a CD?

NO! In your soul

This is a recipe of my poison. Heh-heh ...


 - You are in excellent shape. How do you able to find time to visit sports clubs?

  - Thank you .

... I'm in the hideous form for the past six months - at least, that is the way I feel. Not once, during that time, I visited the gym. Sometimes I do not have enough time to sleep, sorry. I really regret this. Biceps triceps / quadriceps is not the same, and the press there were only two «cubes» left ...

«- Every thing is gone, Chef!»

 - As far as I know, you economist by education . What brought you into the economics? Do you regret that you chose different path?

 - I was young, back then. My oeuvre was not as obvious yet. Also, my parents insisted - «You must have a trade, and then you can do what ever you want.»

Now I have a diploma in my pocket.



 - What are the kind of books do you read, what kind of music you listen to (except your own, of course) and what kind of movies do you like?

 - I read more and more intelligent books. I like historical literature and science fiction I used to like, before «SLED», to the «footprint» in love. Sometimes, I like to read Nietzsche before falling to sleep. Also I like Hunter S. Thompson. I understand Limonov. Lukyanenko, is also good author, but not «patrol».

Now I'm reading «Soboryane» Leskov.

Music ... I'm trying not to listen to mine. I'm tired of it. When I listen to it, I hear : «You have to produce! It should be on a tour! Must! Must! We must ...» - and so on. Like a stone on my neck.I am the only one who knows all the parts by heart. It was written with my sweat and blood. Spend all of my money for it.
Struggled for each note:

- «Please, play this part this way.

- No way! This is not how it's done!

- Please! I sing here so..... Believe me, it will be better this way!

- I'm not a sucker! I'll be laughed at! No way I'm playing that! Nobody plays this way!

- Listen! Play this part this way, I tell you!

- Fuck you!

- What did you say?!» -

And so on.

It is hard to remember. And funny. And sad. And...

I'm listen to the «OddisS» only when I must (rehearsals, concerts).

I listen to the radio. Best Fm Radio or Classic Radio.

For some time now, I like «Tattoo». ( «People with disabilities»)

For old times' sake «Alice», «Crematorium», «The King and the Jester» - «Nazgul Band» . «Heloween», «Judas Priest» - sometimes. Sometimes guys bring something new...... but, it all inconsistent, from case to case.

Movies? I'm stuck on «Mind Games» and «LA Confidential». Even «Pirates Caribbean sea  - 2» still have not seen... And you are saying.

I do not have time for anything. Unfortunately.

- Some say that you were a model. This is a rumor or truth?

- Bullshit! (Sorry, got excited...)

Why, and what it means «WAS a model»?I AM a model! Legs and arms same as before. All I have to do is to suck in the belly - and go ahead!

We used to blaze up the runways. Then, after getting payed, we visited the clubs... Oh, what a time it was...

«... Who remembers - will sigh and smile!»

- What was a name of your first love ?

- It was large, bright, very clean and childlike . Details are hidden behind a haze of years ...

Honestly, love can not be the first or last. Love must be a permanent condition for any creative person. Same applies to everybody else. How can you live and what can give to the people, if in your heart , hatred, for example? Third World War?

God - is Love!

- In one interview you said: «I take family seriously, and this is why I do not have it yet. But someday, I most defiantly will have family. I want my future wife to be a good housekeeper. But, most modern girls, unfortunately, want only a beautiful life». What sort of features should have a girl have to be liked by you?

- a) Probably, it is many ...

b) The concept of a choice between men and women is very conditional. Often you do not know what, specifically, in the person you like or dislike.

Simply - «Be with me. I want to be with you!» - that's all. Everything will be - well, without pain ...

That's all.

I think, is to be proud of your particularity in this matter, is disgusting.

And, in general, deny a concept of a women to be a subject for careful study to determine - is it «my favorite female traits» or not .

«- As good, do that again, baby, turn around ... Good girl! ... Yeah , normal ... well? ... I'll take it!»

I find it dirty and disgusting.

I hate that!

All in one. In the eyes. There is in each.

- On the Forum of the channel One, visitor wrote: «I can only add that Pavel is a very good friend, he's always ready to help others. With no trace of star sickness. «OddisS» is cool rock band. A gag is in his image. What you see in the movie 100% matches what is in life». To what extend you are ready to go for your friends?

- Somewhat illiterate, but that was written by my friend.

I would do anything for my friends.

- If you could ride a time machine, would you go to the times of Old Russia ?

- Not necessarily. Many interesting things happened back then. Scary . Great. Different ...

To go to the Ancient Russia (and in any era of the Ancient World) - it would be nice to practice with a sword. I am good with a sword and armor, it is never too much. It would help to feel more confident. Otherwise any freak would be rude to you (back than manners were simple) - could start sloughing, for no reason at all. Even before he'll ask your name.

That would be a ride ....

But - «... there is the Russian spirit , there smell of Russia!» - certainly much stronger than now.

But, most definitely I would venture!

- With what kind (kinds) of activity or art you see your future ? 

-With the same, I hope ...

God willing. Anyway, I will not perish. My head is on it's place, arms where they should be. I've lived for 30 years before «SLED» - and everything was fine. Enjoyed every morning (well, maybe not everyone - but still!) Was chilling with my friends, sang songs, wept, rejoiced, met some girl. Played in the theater. Even in the movies had worked, and worked and communicated with very good people. Amused myself any way I could. And why do I have to unlearn it ? Just because I am 31 soon ?

What is our life, eh?

That's right - THE GAME!

Let us live!

As the Owl used to say «We have a Napoleon plans!»

I do not like to guess or build castles in the air . The older you get , the more you perish under their ruins.

The person must be modest.

I could never stand rudeness and bigotry. And, I wont for no amount of money.

Whatever. It is doesn't matter that I am on the channel First now (there are all sorts of rumors flying around...)

And I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU, for being interested in my humble persona.

- How do you feel about your great popularity, especially among girls - young women- women over all ?

-I did not notice that. Honestly !

... On New Year's holidays, in a decent form (do not think anything like that!), walked - the first time in six months - «in schools». Proper to such a very, institutions and «not very polite». «For a variety, in short. What an «easy digest» .

And what happened ?


I came alone - sat down, had couple of beers - and left alone. Nobody spoke with me. Nobody even looked at me (almost). But, I was looking forward to communicate with somebody (After all, I broke free from the shooting!)

What popularity are you talking about? That fell on me? Especially the girls - young women- women over all?

I used to use subway, and still do. Nobody pays any attention to me, except, of course, drunks and bully (well, they are - my clients!)

Everything is nice and calm. Good! Quiet ...

But, if people o the streets suddenly begin to tear me for souvenirs - I will run to you for protection, my dears!

In any case - all girls - young women- women - THANK YOU THAT YOU ARE EXIST!

In general, all of you - I love and am glad that you are here ! And we are here!


I bow to you, good people! And wish world peace!

Bow, and a world peace!

I wish all of you merry Christmas!

Be healthy and illuminating!


Pavel Shuvaev .

Moscow , Jan. 7 . 2008 .

All rights reserved .