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Pavel Shuvaev in the TV program Good morning on channel 1 (Moscow)


 (Interviewer) On the Channel 1 continues to air an action movie «SLED». From this week on, the specialists of the Federal Expert Service will have more work. Investigations will be conducted twice a day. And today our guest is one of the representatives of the service, Major Sergei Maysky. He's an actor Pavel Shuvaev. Good morning!

(Shuvaev) Hello, Boris !

(Interviewer ) Pasha, tell me, please, what from your point of view is the main difference between your character, Sergey Maysky, and you, Pavel Shuvaev?

(Shuvaev) Maysky is certainly a very charismatic man, he is a true action hero, what could not be said about me. In everyday life, like probably many actors, I'm the most boring person. While Maysky is zinger. I've heard the talk of some members of the filming crew. Girl- flapper with a second director whispered: «Here we have Maysky - macho, real man, hero, can jump any fence. But Pasha, on the other hand, is a sick old man. Here he fell of the fence, here got hit by the car. There he was killed, shot here, what else». Because all the stunts I perform by myself. And if it turns out that Maysky is very easy and fun, of course it's being hard on me.

(Intreviewer) Pasha some say that the film is shot in a specially equipped pavilion. That simple just about ideal - come in and work, yes?

(Shuvaev) Well, the feeling was that of the full presence. So we feel that we are the federal expert service. Because there is a full compliance. Consultants come to us, real people from the MVD, and other special services and forces. And they say: «We really would like to have that. We would love to have all that you have here!»

(Interviewer) Pavel, in contrast to your colleagues, your character does not wear uniform. We see him dressed exactly like you dressed now. Whose idea was ?

(Shuvaev) It so happened that I came to audition already dressed the same way I came here. Obviously, at that time I was too lazy to get a haircut, shave and everything else, that is, I came there the same way I am now. Well, maybe now it all presented a little bit better than it was back than. But I was surprised when I was approved in such a manner. No change of my appearance was required.

(Interviewer) Well, I have a feeling that the image of free-lance artist in general is quite misleading? Because nobody excused you from work in your suburban house. Am I right?

(Shuvaev) There a family, a mother, a father. And if my dad needs his lawn to be mowed and move some bricks, and then my mom needs ... She's always  have something going on with the well, the water is not upheld or any ground water samples. Or my mom needs help with mowing, digging, sawing. In general, of course nobody exempt. I cannot argue with my mom.

  (Interviewer) Is your family watching this film?

(Shuvaev) Of course, watching, discussing and notices. Naturally, makes no mistakes only someone who's not doing anything. And now, when we airing 2 times a day, I hope they will be more occupied with watching the movie and I will have to do less pulling, digging, mowing, sawing, and so on.

(Interviewer) Pasha, thank you for being with us this morning, in spite your very busy  schedule. Good morning to you!

(Shuvaev) Good morning to you too!

(Interviewer) Well, our program is, unfortunately, came to an end. I can only say goodbye to you and wish you a successful day and good mood. Do not forget to smile. Take care and love each other!

Broadcasted on air on July 14, 2009.