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Article in magazine Dark city

I bow to you with Peace, a good people! We roamed the Earth – Mother Russia – to see people, and show ourselves. Saw many different wonders, and at times, worked wonders by ourselves. Sang our songs in cities and villages. Brought joy and love to people, also tried to console human pain and suffering. In the «Castle» of the «Young Gods», saw «Dreams» about «Atlantis». At the down drank bitter drink – «Poison», at the dusk bowed to the grave of the Great «Defender». Geese and swans flu to the warm lands forming the «Wedge» above us. «Enola G» harbored anger and bore death, but «Love» was what saved us. Soon the «Voice of the Way» will call us again. Bow with Peace to you!

... The concert in one of the Moscow rock clubs was coming to an end. After listening to some faceless thrash -doom - metal bands, a pair of pseudo-Gothic bands and being really amused by punks, people reached out to the exit from the room (need to catch a subway!) .

... I'm in no hurry, because waiting for the band «OddisS», claimed as headliners of the concert (as was written on the flyer ). Guys from the «OddisS» I knew already for couple of years. I met them at the bike rally in Pokrove, when they, despite the lack of leader-guitarist, gave great performance and became becoming a real gift for the audience. Since then, we maintain friendly relations - a few times I was invited to their rehearsals. Once I even was in Khimki, in the studio of Alan Waters, where they recorded the material for their first album the «Young Gods».

Pavel Shuvaev – the vocalist – persistently invited me too visit this concert. He promised to introduce the new lineup and play a few new things. And now I've been waiting for two hours for performance of «OddisS». As it turned out, I wasn't the only one ...

About fifty excited people gathered near the stage and talked among each other, but the bulk of the audience fixed their eyes at the exit. The lights on the stage went out, but nobody declared the end of the concert.

In the twilight I could see the drummer of the next team, who was hanging on racks his «iron» and getting together «cardan». When I recognized in this man the best drummers in Moscow - Volodya «Sabbath», I realized that performance of the «OddisS» is not far off. Evidently, some people in the audience recognized him as well. Someone stopped moving toward the exit and someone ordered another beer. Next on the stage appeared figure in a leather vest with conceptual beard and trendy glasses - it was Oleg «Owl» - a former player of the bands «Tetrayder» and «Shmeli». After greeting the audience, he took his guitar and played a couple of powerful chords, that echoed through the hall. Few more orders were made in the bar, and few coats were returned to the wardrobe. It seemed that they did not know the name of the band that was getting ready to perform, but, the sounds of the instruments being set up, intrigued and excited the audience. Movement on the stage continued, - now a very, very attractive girl in Gothic- folk outfit, set up her keyboard on the rack.

- «Ksusha ! Is that you ?»- shouted from the audience. Ksusha nodded shyly .

…. I had never seen Ksusha before, and as far as I know there was no keyboards in the band. I remember Pasha complaining, at the recording studio, «Well, it would be nice to have keyboard, but were to find one, etc, the music would sound more lyrical, we have looked, looked, but ...»

«Looks like they found it ...» - I chuckled to myself. Then appeared bass guitar player (lanky guy, with demonic appearance) – Temych, I knew him. Next came out, the short cut stalwart with strong hands guy, that was a second guitar player. They connected their guitars to the amp and started tuning. I was surprised, because, as far as I could remember, before those guys did not bother with such little things as tuning. 

Already few first, tentative chords gave reason to the audience to hope that they will hear something new and interesting today.

The lights on stage came on, and there appeared the vocalist of the «OddisS» with microphone in his hand – Pasha. Imagine – two meters height, and over hundred kilograms of weight - biceps, triceps and etc – all of that is him. He doesn't look like your typical bodybuilder. He is graceful, devil. After singing with his strong baritone voice something like «Oh, Dubinushka, uhnem !» for tuning, he looked around at the musicians and making sure that everyone is ready, nodded t the sound technician – «Lets begin». And so it began ...

 I've known music of  «OddisS» for some time now, but Ksushas keyboards added a lot to the guys work.

Powerful drums and guitar riffs, strong bass, good vocals - multiplied by an interesting, potentially hit, I would say, arrangements and excellent performance - it all was before as well . If the Russian rock era of Tsoi and Kinchev, «Crematorium» and «Kalinov bridge» should remain the same heartrending, non-profit and sensual - from the soul, so to speak! Music of «OddisS» would be a continuation and development of this trend, adjusted to the fact that this is a XXI century. And, as a woman I would say, that Pashas vocal makes me tremble ...

  But now I seem to be re-acquainted with those songs. The people in the hall, by the way, too, was pleasantly surprised, but somewhere in the second song, many have started to sing along .

  There were other obvious differences from previous performances. It became clear that - at last! - albeit irregular, but rather frequent of concerts became beneficial to the band - each of the musicians of the «OddisS» evolved his demeanor on stage, and now their performance seemed truly organic. But recently - just six months ago - it was one of the most unorganized band of the Moscow rock- metal scene ...

  A concert in full swing, the sound is very tight, but it is clear that each of the musicians is totally focused on his instrument. But zero attention to the audience. Of course, - the arrangements are difficult, but ... Pasha shouting into the microphone, growling unable to hear himself and trying to overpower the shaft of music . At the same time he constantly smokes. He drinks everything that brings the audience ... It is hard to make out words, so horribly hammers bass. Guitarists seemed nailed to the stage - so little they were moving. Slightly intoxicated Pasha, occupying almost the entire space of the stage, holding a microphone stand and “sings” with all his might, occasionally whimpering out of tune, confusing text, and, sometimes, and music. However, he waved his arms, nearly knocking his musicians and touching lighting on the ramp near the ramp. This, in my observation, regularly occurred at other sites as well. Strangely enough, but the audience liked this musical nightmare for some reason . And, only Vova «Sabbath» - because he is the best ! - Always drummed properly.

  This whole mess was very similar to the earlier performance of «Korol" n Shut» or «Korosiya», in their best times – fumes and shindig! Moreover, neither the music nor, and especially, the lyrics of do not call for such behavior on the stage. I have repeatedly explained to the musicians, that when you sing about Faith, about Hope and unquenchable love for the motherland and to women - do not engage in cheap frenzy ! Now, apparently, they listened, - Finally! Unfortunately, the size of this article does not permit a more detailed description of the entire concert - and it is, in my opinion and do not necessarily ...

In late May - early June «OddisS», finally will release their first album «Young Gods» - and in support of the album, they will, as usual, give concerts. Besides the summer - the time the bike rallies – and on many of those gatherings guys have become regular guests . So, it is possible to see «OddisS» on stage. Also, you can hear the songs, before the album will be released, on their official website - . The songs laid out there, without the keyboards. This is a promotional move... 

  Incidentally, in the introduction to the article I used the greeting with which the Pasha turned to the audience before the concert. This little tale - Game of titles of their songs, invented by himself ...

  As a friendly favor, guys from «OddisS» asked me to express a number of Respect, which I gladly doing now: to Alexandr Gromtsev «Alan Waters» for recording, mixing and mastering of the album «Young Gods». To Alexey Panov «Dutchman» - for solos and ideas. To the Rock Shop «SOVA» for commerce. To Alexander Shmelev «Shmeli» - for the album cover. To Nadia «Kalancha» - for everything in general. To Alexander Kozlov and Alexander Lubentsov - for photos and friendship. To Alexei Gryzlov «Grizzly» - for the site and for all the good. Marinka «LU» for a fan club. Also, to all, all, all those who work closely with «OddisS»! Photo in this article provided by Alexander Lubenets.

Jana Horoshina .

Magazine «Dark City».